I am a person who strongly believes we can change our world through our focus, dedication, and outlook on life. If there are any desires for a better life, change your world. I dig a couple sites that help build resumés so peep my profiles at Careers and LinkedIn (below).

I’m not a hard person to get in touch with. Feel free to ping me. If hands-on help is needed, we can jump in a Google Hangout or Slack. I love talking about a lot of different languages/technologies (Ruby, Javascript, Go, Objective-C/Swift, Java, Dart, etc). If you’re in the great state of Texas, Houston specifically, hit me up. We can grab some lunch and talk dev.

Brief Professional Bio
Since 2001, John has been developing websites, desktop, and mobile software as a contractor as well as through his company Katapult Media, Inc. In his career, he has worked with numerous small and enterprise companies including Turner Broadcasting, MySpace/Fox Interactive, Sprint/Nextel, NBA, NBC Universal, State Farm and more. His work on the CNN.com Live Player currently holds an Internet record set during The President Obama Inauguration. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Workiva.

He is also a co-author of the ColdFusion Web Application Framework for ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 as well as Flex 4 in Action. As an Adobe Community Professional, John continues put back into the community which helped mold him into the developer he is today.