I am a person who strongly believes we can change our world through our focus, dedication, and outlook on life. If there are any desires for a better life, change your world. I dig a couple sites that help build resumés so peep my profiles at Careers and LinkedIn (below).

I’m not a hard person to get in touch with. Feel free to ping me below. If hands-on help is needed, we can jump in a Google Hangout and chat.




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Brief Professional Bio

Since 2001, John has been developing web sites and desktop/mobile software as a contractor as well as through his company Katapult Media, Inc. In his career he has worked with numerous small and enterprise companies including Turner Broadcasting, MySpace/Fox Interactive, Sprint/Nextel, NBA, NBC Universal, State Farm and more. His work on the CNN.com Live Player currently holds an Internet record set during The President Obama Inauguration. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Workiva.

He is also a co-author of the ColdFusion Web Application Framework for ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 as well as Flex 4 in Action. As an Adobe Community Professional, John continues put back into the community which helped mold him into the developer he is today.


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