I’m John C Bland II

Husband, Father, Tech Author, Deacon.
Founder of Katapult Media, and full-stack polyglot developer.
Political Free Agents Podcast Host.

I create. I launch.

YouTube Channel

I post regular fun on YouTube like me playing the bass and anything else I find fun. 

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All project work goes through Katapult Media. Business is open. Let’s chat.

For the longest I’ve been writing code but I never packaged my common code into a library. Well, that comes to an end.

In the past few months I’ve been writing a media library for playing media (progressive and streaming) which is being implemented on a pretty large scale site right now. That is really the core of the library but I also have a RestrictedTextInput/TextArea component that basically changes the color of the text beyond the specified character limit. So, if the limit is 10 the 11th character+ will be red, for instance.

Anyways…you won’t see anything in Google Code just yet but I will svn export from my internal svn soon and publish to Code.


Check’r out and I’ll blog when I start posting code to it.

Name Background:
Cairngorm (Flex framework; also a mountain name) had mad pub’ a few years back. I jokingly told my buddy Lukas I’m going to start a library named South Mountain (biggest mountain in Phoenix, I think) then I shorted it to SoMo. So…I stuck with SoMo. 🙂