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I realized that the vast majority of the mobile dev space had a huge blind spot and was in utter disbelief that anyone would want to build a serious mobile app with browser technologies, so they weren’t catering to the needs of hybrid devs at all. I thought Paul Graham’s What You Can’t Say post was quite fitting here: Hybrid app dev was taboo, and in many circles was not at all “cool,” so a lot of startups were ignoring it at best and fighting it at worst. And that drew me to it.

Well said. I recall when hybrid was a horrible idea (Thoughts on Flash anyone?) and many snubbed their noses at hybrid devs because they were native devs, as if learning Objective-C or Java was a badge of honor making you a superior dev. Having done mobile development for years before Apple changed our lives in 2007, I can honestly say Ionic is by far the best experience I have had as a developer. Hybrid, specifically Ionic, is becoming the solution I reach for before Xcode or Android Studio, although still not the best solution for every app.

Read on and hear it directly from Ionic why they built the platform, where it is going, and maybehow it can help you.

Source: Why we are building the Ionic Platform | The Official Ionic Blog