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CFWheels URLRewriting on Tomcat through Apache

The initial post worked but submitted forms did not. :-/ What’s a web app without form submission? (rhetorical)

So, the configs are updated below and I have tested this locally on Tomcat 7 and on a centOS server w/ Tomcat 6. The issue was with the 2nd to last line and the last. They needed to be swapped. The 2nd to last forces a 301. Swap them…all good! 😀

I really need to stop with the long titles but they are so informative! 😀

This has been a major pain for me and others, it seems. I think I found a solution and would like to lay it out for you and get feedback to see if it works for others as well.


CFWheels: Redirecting non-authorized access after login

CFWheels always seems to make me smile with certain features. It isn’t 100% perfect (what is?) but it really makes CF dev fun. In this case, we’re taking a simple scenario of a user attempting to access a non-public url while not authorized to login. It could be from a bookmark or them simply trying to “hack” your system. Either way, once the user logs in they should automatically get to the page they want. Here’s how you can do it in Wheels.