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Apple, prove HTML5 is ready!

I LOVE online video. It is amazing to see major events published through a player I’ve built. With the increase of online video and the push to HTML5, I’m still waiting to see HTML5 video used for a high quality, live broadcast.

Since Apple “fully supports” two platforms [see video below], prove HTML5 video is ready by using it for your live event on October 4, 2011. I want to see HTML5 video succeed and who better to do it than the, supposed, leader of the HTML5 movement.

Apple, it is time to prove the 1st platform is fully ready.

HTML5 Video: Fullscreen

At the moment of this post, these features [except for Pseudo] are only possible in Safari 5.1, Chrome, and iOS but is a great stride in the progression of HTML5 video. There are a few new methods you can use to implement native fullscreen for video and even go fullscreen with html elements [ie – a div].

In the following code, I’m going to use jQuery for selectors but jQuery has nothing to do with the end result. If you go crazy over typing document.getXXXXX, I’m sure you still get the idea here.


Proof, meet Pudding. #stevejobs

Just a quick note here. The videos speak for themselves. They prove the marketing wheel is a big beast and people flock to what is believed to be true vs what is true, reference to Seth Godin’s book as enlightened by @simpulton. Think for yourselves people!

Steve Jobs HTML5 web experience on the iPad
– @iBrent


HTML5 vs Flash – Developer Perspective


I in no way am discounting every point Jobs made. He made some good one’s but he is far from being accurate, IMO.