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Server Performance with Railo 3.2 vs Railo 3.3

I thought my results tonight were quite interesting. I setup a new server for a client and, due to my recent woes, went straight to performance testing. 🙂 Since I LOVE numbers [data], it was appealing to me to test the server every step of the way to set some informal “benchmarks” for the starting point moving forward.

These performance tests were done with Siege by Joe Dog Software. I think it is it a great piece of software and highly recommend it for performance testing.

Media Temple (ve) 1GB
Ubuntu 11.04 Natty
Apache 2.2 [prefork MPM]

Siege command:

siege https://server-ip-here/index.cfm -c 100 -t 60s

This is a 100 concurrent user test for 60 seconds on the index.cfm page of the site. Enough details…on to the results.