My sessions were good for the most part but, for whatever reason, I kept losing track of my thoughts. It wasn’t too often but it happened more than I’d care.

As promised, I’m uploading the files from my “AS3 Command Pattern session”: My other sessions used examples from “Adobe LiveCycle ES Edition”:, “Adobe AIR HTML+JS”:, and “Adobe AIR Flex and Flash”:

Tomorrow I have a preso at 1 PM (same Bat-time…same Bat-place) title “Flex 3 Preview” which covers…ummm…Flex 3. 🙂 Come out and check out Flex 3!

Also, here in the next month or so I’m going to start creating presentations via Adobe Connect as well as writing more tutorials. I need to sharpen my preso skills again and I have a LOT to cover with all of the ColdFusion 8, ASP.NET/Silverlight, Flex 3, AIR, and Flash CS3 goodness out there right now. Oh how yummy it is to be a developer right now. 🙂