“Cody”:http://blog.xyzpdq.org works for “Last Minute Golfer”:http://www.lastminutegolfer.com and he was tasked with the responsibility of building a “Facebook”:http://www.facebook.com app (built with .NET). Well, they did and have well over 20,000 users in less than a month!! Whoa!

The app is “Golf Buds”:http://apps.facebook.com/golfbuds (login required). Check it out and start posting scores! Add me to your friends so I can see how well you’ve been hittin’em. 🙂

**Golf Buds**
Hand-pick your favorite Golf Buds and showcase them on your profile. Who is shortest off the tee? Who has the best foot wedge? Who is most likely to wear plaid? Talk some smack and track your Golf Buds rounds!

Facebook Golf Buds app