I wish “it (IE7Pro)”:http://www.ie7pro.com/ could answer because IE is starting to move up on my Most Annoying Software list. I’ve enjoyed IE7 as my main browser for some time now and it has been great. Obviously Javascript debugging is no fun in IE, unless you’re using ajax.net which has amazing debugging, but I can use ServiceCapture and/or Firefox to help there. Other than that, I was fine with IE7…well…until now.

I hope IE7Pro isn’t the culprit but I have to start somewhere. Basically, IE is shutting down unexpectedly so it is very unstable in my book. I’m writing this blog post in Firefox because I’m nervous IE might fail on me, like it has done before while blogging, and Movable Type may not have had a chance to autosave my latest (so I lose work). 🙁

My question to anyone out there using IE7Pro: have you experienced instability in IE7 after installing IE7Pro?

I’m not a plugin kinda guy (in my browsers) so I have the bare minimum plus the IE Developer Toolbar and IE7Pro. The Dev’ Toolbar has been solid for almost 1.5 years so I doubt it has gone haywire.