I’m not going to rant for too long but I have to say my peace.

Urge made a HUGE mistake moving to Rhapsody. All of “my initial thoughts”:http://www.johncblandii.com/2007/10/rhapsodyagain-nooooooooo.html stand and were confirmed after using Rhapsody for a little over a week.

The first couple days I thought it had changed. The player was the same sucky player but I was able to live with that for a bit. Next I waited to see if the playback experience had improved and for a couple days I thought it had. Well, 1.5 days. I listened for any hiccups in the playback and things were moderately ok. BUT…at 1.6 days (an hour later; lol) I started getting a ton of hiccups in the playback. It got to the point where I turned off the player because every 3 to 5 seconds (literally…no exageration) it skipped. UGH!

Anyways…I just called and told’em to delete me (not just cancel…get rid of my info; lol). I doubt they actually delete me but hopefully it is canceled and this itme they don’t keep emailing me. The guy said my account was free but that didn’t even tempt me. I told’em I won’t use it…get rid of it.


Urge…I miss you. 🙁 lol