ScottGu published some info about Silverlight 2. In my opinion, these upgrades bring Silverlight much closer to being a serious consideration for RIA development. There have been some cool things come out but nothing quite matching anything created by other technologies. I see SL 1.0 as a “video” release. This release seems to bring the focus to application development, which is great.

“Read more about Silverlight 2.0 on ScottGu’s blog”:

Thoughts? Still afraid of it Flash Platform geeks? Is it still the devil? Is it still seen as a “ying and yang kinda thing”: (funny video, “Phillip”: or a competitor? 🙂

My opinion…it is “getting there” but isn’t quite there. I’ll review the API/upgrades and give a full review after actually touching the code. I’m HIGHLY interested though, as I’ve always been.