I try to keep personal things off this blog but it is industry related and it’s my blog so I say what I want! 🙂

I can only pray Steve had everything together and is in Heaven right now coding on Windows Vista Angel edition. Steve died in a car wreck a couple weeks ago and it hit me pretty hard. He was roughly my age and in the same industry.

Have you ever met someone you feel could get an eskimo to buy ice? Steve was that kind of person. He could get the ocean to buy a drought protection insurance policy or a squirrel to sign a joint venture contract with Planters. He was definitely always on the move, mentally, and always had his entrepreneurial hat on.

Steve was also the first actual client of “Katapult”:http://www.katapultmedia.com when we made the official change from JDev, Inc. He kept me WAY BUSIER than I banked on being but we were doing some cool things so I didn’t mind. He introduced me to “Four Peaks”:http://www.fourpeaks.com, which has some good food and is where he ALWAYS wanted to meet for lunch. 🙂 Good times.

Steve, you will be missed. Visit me in a dream and let me know how that Vista Angel edition is working for you.