If you are looking for a good piece of software for bug tracking, I highly suggest looking at Axosoft’s OnTime. I last used the 2006 version and had numerous issues with it. My biggest issue was licensing. For a small, growing shop, at the time, with contractors coming in and out I didn’t want to keep buying licenses for every contractor that wasn’t a steady contractor. Without that issue, the desktop and web versions were a bit slow at times.

Well, 2008 has fixed the issue of slowness. It is really fast, in comparison, and still very easy to use/setup. The web version is AMAZINGLY better than ’06. It was pretty bad in 06: very slow, not as slick, everything was a refresh (no ajax), etc. I just installed the ’08 Web and I’m pleased.

Anyways…I’m not going to give a feature-by-feature review but thought I’d let folks know they might want to take a look.

Watch the videos and you’ll get a good feel for several of the great features OnTime provides.

BTW, it is “Totally Free” for a single user.