If you have ever used FlashDevelop (http://www.flashdevelop.org; windows only), you are familiar with the GREAT code completion it provides. FB is lacking terribly, in comparison. So…let’s vote to build it up.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Type: var event:Ev

Actual Results:
See Picture 1.png.

It shows only code completion for terms beginning with “Ev”.

Expected Results:
It should show all class with Ev in the name. The elements starting with Ev (EvalError, Event, EventDetails, EventDispatcher, etc) should come first OR the selected element should be EvalError wth the list containing every class with Ev in the name.


Those are shots from FlashDevelop who does a WONDERFUL job in their editors.

It should also allow quick names. For example, type EvDi and it should select EventDispatcher by default (see FlashDevelop; VERY slick and useful feature). Otherwise you have to type EventDi then to get to EventDispatcher.

Workaround (if any):
Search LiveDocs for that specific Ev class OR keep typing until you get to the class you want/need.