I’m in [tech] love with my Evo 4G [Android phone on Sprint] but I ask myself this question often. What would be your answer?

Typically my question is more like this:
“If iOS allowed Flash and Adobe AIR, would you leave Android?”

I go back and forth on this though. iOS is far less customizable, which I’ve come accustomed to and would greatly miss, but is slick as all get out. It is powerful eye-candy.  Am I willing to sacrifice the customizing and other great features of Android for iOS? Probably. Granted, this is only if iOS had Flash/Android.

I’m a Mac user so the ease of sync between my Mac and iPhone was seamless [MobileMe]. Android isn’t as seamless since Address Book and iCal can’t seem to get their stuff together w/ Google services. It works but duplicates show up in Address Book and iCal doesn’t work well with setting Google Calendar alerts. :-/

Right now, my answer would be no. It wouldn’t be enough to make me change phones. Tablets? I probably would grab an iPad w/ the next discretionary $500 I had.

How about you? Would you switch?