Claim Chowder: “Maybe He’s High?” and “Is He Nuts?”

Gruber pondered whether Eric Schmidt “was high” and Matt Rosoff questioned whether Schmidt is “nuts” when he said:

By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded.

Actually…he was neither, at that time. 😉

The Google TV blog officially announced new hardware partners [source has list]:

We’ve also been working with our hardware partners to bring new Google TV-powered devices to consumers.

As an avid Google TV owner/user, I’m pleased to see a major advancement in the product.

PS – Welcome to the claim chowder list Gruber and Rosoff! I’m sure others could join you on this topic. 😉

  • Jens Loeffler

    You would think that Eric Schmidt might have more insight in Google’s roadmap than Gruber. And a longer breath…

    • John C. Bland II


  • Imblack

    Im impressed that you are black.

  • Brad

    So, we’re well into summer at this point, with no indication that Google TV will be on even a decent number, let alone the majority, of sets anytime soon. Where did these hardware partners go? Where are the sets?

    To be claim chowder, the person has to be wrong. Looks to me like they are quite likely to be spot-on.

    • John C. Bland II

      Far from it. Did you not research and see the majority of television manufacturers are producing televisions with Google TV embedded?

      Some light reading for you:

      I don’t know how much they have completed but the majority of the major US manufacturers are on board, which was the intent of his statement.

      • Brad

        If someone says, “the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded,” he’s clearly making a specific claim regarding what’s in stores on display. The test of that statement would be to walk into a Best Buy or other big box retailer and see how many of the display models have Google TV embedded.

        He made a series of big claims that day, with this being just one of them. Trivializing it after the fact would be diminishing what he said. Additionally, if you go and re-watch the interview, you’ll see that he was very specific in each of his claims. When he claimed Android was ahead of iOS, he enumerated the ways that he thought it was ahead. He’s no fool. He says what he means. He clearly meant to say that Google TV would be on the majority of TVs in stores, and not something about manufacturers having it in their lineups. Suggesting that he actually intended something much smaller in scope is denying the context and backpedalling after the fact.

        I understand that you may have understood it that way, and if so, I can understand why you would write what you did. That said, I’d encourage you to go back and view his quote in context, as well as to approach it honestly. It’s clear what he said and how he intended it. It is not what you claim in your response.

        • John C. Bland II

          Apologies on the slow response [was MIA for the weekend].

          I’m in no way trivializing his statement. He did state in stores and “by summer” but my last comment was purely my guestimation of his intent.

          If Google were making all of the TVs, I’d be harsher on him but the fact that right after he made the statement there were announcements by the major TV manufacturers of their intent to do EXACTLY what he said was going to happen. That’s what I’m referencing.

          Also, the above “crazy” comments were made between Schmidt and the manufacturer announcements. I think they jumped the gun and even if the devices miss the summer mark and fall in August, I’ll still count it as claim chowder purely because Google isn’t making the TV and Schmidt was correct in his knowledge of the devices coming out.

  • rick gregory

    methinks you don’t understand the term ‘claim chowder’. First, they couldn’t have been wrong or right when they made the claim. But… um… it’s September. And do “the majority of the televisions you see in stores … have Google TV embedded.”?
    No, they do not. So… welcome to real claim chowder… your post that is.

    • John C. Bland II

      Someone doesn’t read or Google too well. 🙂