Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 Released

This is awesome news! FMS 4.5 brings a TON of features enabling CDNs and content producers to provide iOS support for live, including DVR, and a slough of other things. Just check the notes here:

Key New Features inside Flash Media Server 4.5

–        Same Source Video delivery to Apple Devices and Adobe Flash (single workflows to reach both platforms)

–        On Demand video packaging / segmenting for HTTP video delivery (no need to pre-package your content)

–        Set-level F4M Manifests and Variant M3u8 playlist support

–        Simple and robust content protection workflows for HTTP streaming (as easy as saying on or off)

–        Live PVR/DVR support for Apple Devices and Adobe Flash with Disk Management (don’t miss that special moment in live)

–        Support for Studio-approved DRM with Adobe Flash Access 3 (robust DRM that exceeds your requirements on Desktop and Android)

–        Multicast SSM and ASM, with Multicast re-broadcast

–        SIP Device support for communication

–        P2P support in Flash Media Interactive Server

Sweet stuff! Read more about it and to all of the CDNs…stop upgrading so slow. Get this puppy in production asap!