I’m John C Bland II

Husband, Father, Tech Author, Deacon.
Founder of Katapult Media, and full-stack polyglot developer.
Political Free Agents Podcast Host.

I create. I launch.

YouTube Channel

I post regular fun on YouTube like me playing the bass and anything else I find fun. 

Get Something Built

All project work goes through Katapult Media. Business is open. Let’s chat.

“Jason Delmore”:https://www.cfinsider.com, ColdFusion Product Manager, is “giving away 5 licenses of ColdFusion 8 and 5 licenses of Flex Builder to **non-profits**”:https://www.cfinsider.com/index.cfm/2007/9/4/Are-you-a-nonprofit-that-is-using-or-wants-to-use-ColdFusion-or-Flex#comments. This is an amazing move! Wait…not by Adobe…no, he’s doing this out of his own pocket!!!

bq. I am planning on buying up to five (5) ColdFusion 8 Standard licenses and up to five (5) Flex Builder licenses and donating them to good causes (on my own dime… not as a corporate donation.) Do you work for a worthy non-profit starting a new web project? Do you want the UI to be slick and the back-end to be world-class? Then I have the deal for you!
“Read more here”:https://www.cfinsider.com/index.cfm/2007/9/4/Are-you-a-nonprofit-that-is-using-or-wants-to-use-ColdFusion-or-Flex

Solid Jason!