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Husband, Father, Tech Author, Deacon.
Founder of Katapult Media, and full-stack polyglot developer.
Political Free Agents Podcast Host.

I create. I launch.

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I post regular fun on YouTube like me playing the bass and anything else I find fun. 

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I’ve had a few clients email or call wondering if they were a part of the “I’m on the market…”:https://www.johncblandii.com/2007/09/im-on-the-market.html post. Well, I won’t post a list of who is on or off but I do want to clarify a few things.

# That was purely a vent based on events from the whole year and based on a collection of projects running concurrently.
# Katapult has way more good clients than bad. We seriously enjoy some great relationships with local dev’ companies, Fortune 500’s (and lower), and other dev’ companies throughout the country.
# As stated in the post, it isn’t the people but how the business runs or how my clients client requires things.
# I’m not anti-NDA but it would be nice to take credit for some of the award winning things we’ve done. Yep, others taking credit, receiving awards, and not throwing us a bone at all.

As for Katapult, a few people (not just clients) have been confused here too.

# I’m not shutting down Katapult.
# Katapult will still do a light amount of client work (very, very light).
# Katapult’s focus will be on “our products”:https://www.katapultmedia.com/products.cfm (only a couple listed there). We have 6 products, logos and all ready to roll, and all of them have been on hold for client work. Finalizing these products is a top priority.

Hopefully that clears up a few things. If you are a client and you are reading this/the last post, feel free to ask if I was talking about you. I will definitely be open and answer honestly.