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My cell phone batter was terrible, literally. It would last 4 hours, sometimes, but less if I had my emails running and/or someone called. This was a problem for Tia (wife) since she couldn’t get in touch with me if I was gone beyond 3 or 4 hours. I thought about different things to help mediate this and a car charger was one. The other was to get a new battery.

Enter the “Li-Ion 1600mA Extended Battery”:https://www.t-mobile.com/Popup/Generic_Popup.aspx?action=image&accessory=6bd7f3a9-31f3-4d8c-b031-e05aa537024d. Now, when I got back from “our anniversary”:https://blog.johncblandii.com/2007/08/anniversaryhere-again.html the battery was here (with the new back) so I immediately took out my old one (which had died from the time we left the hotel, to the airport, a 45 minute flight, and a 45 minute drive home) and put in the new one. I noticed the battery was bigger and the back was extended like a half inch. This I didn’t like…actually…I was kind of down about that a bit. My small, sleek Dash now has a butt. 🙂

I let the battery charge for a few hours and had to took it off around 7 (being generous…I believe it was more like early 6). My phone finally told me “The battery is critically low” (yes, it talks to me) around 10 last night!!! That’s 27+ hours! Wow! From 4 to 27’sh…NICE!

Anyways…just a word to those out there using a Dash…GET THE BATTERY! It’ll change your Dash experience.

I keep Wifi and Bluetooth off. I’m going to test it right now to see how it works with both of them on.