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When I first heard of pending changes to FB3 I was pretty nervous. It wasn’t about affording the new version but Flex has been hit SOOOOO hard regarding pricing (even after it became free…people hated the FB2 pricing for some reason; well…reasons included comparison to other tools, etc) that I was concerned that Adobe would mess up and price it bad again. Well…NOPE! 🙂

“Ted Patrick posted the Flex Builder 3 pricing changes”:https://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/10/flex-3-beta-2-lower-price-flex-builder.php and I’m QUITE pleased.

Basically, get it for $250 (Standard; no charting, profiling, automation, etc) or $699 (everything Standard doesn’t have). The SDK is still free but now you can get rocking for a whole $200 less than you could with FB2.

BEST PART? $99 upgrade from FB2!!! NICE!

Great work and bravo, Adobe!