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This is the day to be at the keynote. It was BY FAR a better showing. I’ll let you read on instead of iterating all of the hype I feel today. 😀 Read on.

**Speaker**: Bruce Chizen

He’s talking about the hardships of being a CEO of a large publicly traded company (high recognition, press, legal issues, etc). To get the bottom (after a pretty cool story), he went to see the Dave Mathews Band and they couldn’t stop talking about Adobe. He sat in the keynote yesterday and had a moment of revelation about the community giving up time to be here, seeing what we do with the Adobe products, etc. All-in-all…he’s still amazed at what “his” company is doing and is “inspired” by the community. Pretty cool stuff.

**Speaker**: Steven Webster

**Enterprise Applications: LiveCycle ES**

“Experience matters.” He’s covering LiveCycle in a pretty clear way. He showed how you can take a form created in LiveCycle Designer and port it to an RIA (Flex-based) which allows for full skinning, etc. There was a pretty interesting thing he noted: You can scan a form on a piece of paper, LiveCycle will recognize the form fields, and you can turn that into a Flex app. Now…that is sweet! 🙂 From paper to RIA in 1 day. As an example he showed MFG.com’s usage of LiveCycle and it is pretty sweet how they implemented it.

**Speaker**: (??)

**Scene7 Imaging**
One of the applications shown yesterday used Scene7 but I had no idea what it was. They joined Adobe in May 2007. “Rich media publishing service,” is how he describes it. As an example he showed “gucci.com”:https://www.gucci.com. If you haven’t seen their site…look at it. Scene7 comes into play when you’re viewing images. They come back very fast and high quality. “teamworkathletic.com”:https://www.teamworkathletic.com has a pretty cool RIA that uses Scene7 to provide real-time imaging. It is a pretty cool site.

There is a QVC app that is kinda cool. I can see how using it will be better than watching QVC. You get to interact with product images, see previous items, live stream to the current channel.

**Speaker**: (??)

**Share** (beta)
This has been “available since yesterday on Adobe Labs”:https://labs.adobe.com/technologies/share but this is the first public talk on it (unless there was a session yesterday). It is basically a way to put your documents online and share it with other people. You get 1 GB of space which seems generous for documents (at least for me). There is a way to embed documents to your page which allows a simple version of the file viewer (paging, zooming, etc) and it has a download button as well. Kinda cool. I think there is a good use case for this.

There is an API (implemented with REST) which they are excited about what the community will do with it. It will integrate with “Buzzword”:https://www.virtub.com (newest Adobe acquisition), provides document conversion for Microsoft Office and Open Office, and a few other cool things. We’ll see how this plays out.

**Speaker** Danielle Diebler (who I sat with on the bus last night and talked about bluetooth a lot; *smile*)

This is the Adobe Premiere Express engine I talked about in “yesterdays post”:https://www.johncblandii.com/2007/10/max-2007-keynote.html. The audio sounds awesome. On two different screens they showed how you can collaborate with others and mix, share, etc video and audio from Pacifica. Pretty cool.

_Version 1_
High Quality Voice Chat
Text Messaging
NAT/Firewall Traversal
Ajax, HTML, Flex, Flash

Video Chat
PSTN Access

They are hiring QA Engineers and Developers.

**Speaker**: Nigel Pegg

Nigel spoke on the new sweet Adobe Connect version coming up. This is going to be fun. 😀 He showed how to take a Flex app, include a Connect session, and add writeboards, chat pods, etc to build your own application with direct integration into Adobe Connect. SWEET! I could use this now!

**Thermo** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 😀 We asked and asked and asked…Adobe answered! Now, Microsoft folks…I know…you had it first but this is an obvious direction Adobe was going to go. For those with no knowledge on Thermo, it is a tool that allows you to take a design file and create a full blown Flex app without writing any code. Think Flash IDE+Flex Builder.

I have a full video of this. It is 1.something GB’s so I have to convert it before I upload it. This is top priority for me because Thermo is freaking amazing!

I’ll put my full reviews here soon. My connected time periods have been quite minimal this year. I’m missing some of Sean Corfield’s _Design Patters in ColdFusion_ session now. 🙁 lol. Stay tuned!