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Alrighty….it is keynote time!! I’m sitting in the third row and am loving the vibe. I have some video of the room and opening preso (nice animation showing different apps, etc). This is a nice setup for sure.

**Quick Review of Yesterday**
I TA’d the _Adobe Flex and ColdFusion_ then went to the welcome reception (videos of “Robert Hoekman, JR”:https://www.rhjr.net and “Phillip Kerman”:https://www.phillipkerman.com coming soon). “Michael Hagel”:https://www.michaelhagel.com (who I’m also rooming with) and “Alan Rother”:https://alan.rotherfamily.net talked geek with me for a while as we mingled with a few other folks. The next thing on the list was the community dinner which was GREAT! “Tom Jordahl”:https://tjordahl.blogspot.com/ was at our table so we had some good CF talk going. The filet mignon was GREAT and the potatoes were AMAZING! Great dinner!

Well, I could go on but they are ramping up to get started so…new blog post coming in a sec!