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**Speaker**: Kevin Lynch

“Adobe Developer Center”:https://developer.adobe.com
The old DevNet is now the Adobe Developer Center. The design is much nicer and the content is much more accessible. Check it out.

**Adobe Developer Connection**
If you have registered for MAX in the past few years, you are familiar with Intro Networks and the community app that has been available. You know…I looked at it this year and wondered why it still looked so Flash 6. Well, no more is this an issue. You now have a very nice, public, non-conference specific Flex app that is available throughout the year.

**Speaker**: Shantanu Narayen

**Content is King**
He is still all about content being king. ๐Ÿ™‚ As an example he showed the same mobile app with two different styles based on the same content.

** Less is (still) More**
“Focus on the heart of the problem and make sure the core is really simple.” He’s showing an app called “Video RemiXer”:https://remix.mtv.com/express/remixer.aspx?id=3 (Flex app) based on the Adobe Premiere Express engine. It is pretty cool. You can edit videos, etc. The funny thing is we worked on a project for making simple videos by filling out a timeline and another company was outsourced to build an app just like Video RemiXer…let’s just say it wasn’t nearly as good as this but the core abilities were about the same.

**Adobe Media Player**
This was released (prerelease, not final) “on Adobe labs today”:https://labs.adobe.com/technologies/mediaplayer/. Shantanu calls the UI the “Glide UI” and you’ll get what he means the first time you see it.

**Speaker**: Kevin Lynch

This is old news (a few weeks/month or so) but still pretty cool. Yahoo! is (on a video) talking about how they are using the H.264 to provide a seemless user experience based on their already available H.264. Kevin is showing examples of 480p and now 720p. 720 looks amazing…TV style quality.

**Halo 3**
“Great job by Microsoft using Flash on their web site.” LMBO (entire crowd laughs). I don’t think he meant that as funny but…it definitely was a good one. The “Halo 3”:https://www.halo3.com/believe site uses Flash video to allow sliding through the interface/site in a very cool way.

**Adobe Media Player**
Kevin revisited this and spoke briefly about the user experience. He showed how ads can be overlayed on a video for ad insertion without using a commercial. Traditional ads are still an option as well. This is a great opportunity for video delivery networks, etc.

**Speaker**: Ben Forta, Scott Fegette

**United Way**
The “United Way site”:https://www.unitedway.org/ was based on CF 7. Adobe provided Ben and Scott to help UW better their site. It is now on CF8 and utilizes the PDF features, Ajax (Spry), etc that CF8 provides to us with ease. The site has several clean features

**Flash Lite + FMS**
They showed a streaming video on a cell phone playing just like it did in the browser…VERY NICE!


OK…I shouldn’t have used my laptop at breakbast…my batter is going dead (about 43 minutes left) so I’m going to shut this down for now.

More to come….