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Ok, I used to use Rhapsody and loved it for a while but their player software was TERRIBLE!!!! That thing provided an absolutely bad listening experience. I couldn’t listen to any song without the player “buffering” then starting again. This would happen at least 3 or 4 times per song….UGH. I left them about 2 years ago. Ever since I left I can’t stop them from emailing me. Why? Because you have to login to change your notification settings. Cool…no prob, right? Nope…big prob since I no longer have an account with them! UGH!

So, why the rant? “See for yourself”:https://www.urge.com/index.jhtml. 🙁 {insert really hard sobbing crying here}

At first, I was fine with the “Urge meet Rhapsody” deal because they played it off as “Urge is joining Rhapsody” BUT IT ISN’T TRUE. Rhapsody is taking over Urge COMPLETELY. I figured the available songs/artists would increase since the two services were joining but Urge is coimpletely gone now.

As of 10/25 you can no longer access Urge in Windows Media Player. I thought my work laptop was just tripped out when I couldn’t reach Urge but I checked my email (just now) and Urge emailed me with the following: “Beginning on Friday, October 26th, you will no longer be able to access URGE.”

I went to the “FAQ”:https://www.urge.com/answers/index.jhtml and it says you have to download the Rhapsody software….{insert really hard sobbing crying here}.

Well…I guess I’ll start looking for new services. Any suggestions? I may try the Rhapsody software again. It could have improved but I doubt it. 🙁