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I can’t believe such bad writing would come from a once respected company. They had an article recently about how they dropped CFDJ for Silverlight DJ because of the changing trends away form CF. Now they read “a blog post from Tim Buntel”:https://www.buntel.com/blog/index.cfm/2007/10/8/ColdFusion-Whos-Who about him moving to the Flex team and created an article titled ‘Is Adobe “Officially” Killing ColdFusion?’

How stupid is that!?!? I spoke to Tim personally at MAX and he said he was moving to the Flex team to add a CF view to help with integration. Why couldn’t Sys-Con simply interview Buntel?

The article has a quote from an industry professional who completely speculates on the demise of CF. Why no name? They also reference “some in the ColdFusion community” saying “Adobe’s destruction of ColdFusion” started with them “pulling the plug” on CFDJ. Ha!! How did Adobe pull the plug on the magazine if they were only an advertiser/supporter? 😀 LMBO…HILARIOUS!

Ok…enough with the jibber jabber. Sys-Con…you are officially on blast…YOU SUCK! Sys-Con is a complete joke at this point. You don’t name people who quote, no legit sources are given, and you speculate. Stop being childish and return to being a respected publication!

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