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I woke up not feeling too great today so I sat down for a few, popped open the laptop, and saw an email about the new FMS 3 Product Line (line??? huh?) and “Ryan Stewart”:https://www.digitalbackcountry.com blogged about a CoCoMo app in the wild.

So, FMS has changed pricing and separated FMS into multiple products. You can “read more on the press release”:https://www.adobe.com/aboutadobe/pressroom/pressreleases/200712/120407adobefms3.html.

You can play with the “CoCoMo app here”:https://blogs.adobe.com/collabmethods/2007/11/testing_the_first_public_cocom.html. For those not following, CoCoMo is, in my words, Adobe Connect separated into reusable components and available for integration into your own app. This is a GREAT move by Adobe. Now I can build a whiteboard with 1 or 2 tags in my Flex app. Very nice!

Check them out. Also, you can apply for the “CoCoMo Private Beta here”:https://blogs.adobe.com/collabmethods/2007/12/cocomo_private_beta.html.