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“Michael Hagel blogged about Apple missing the mark”:https://www.michaelhagel.com/archives/2008/01/itunes-movie-rental-why-apple.php and I can’t say I don’t necessarily disagree. I have a bit of a different perspective though…I’ll be a bit brief. 🙂

TiVo has had movie rentals for a short while now through Amazon Unbox. I love Unbox but HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE having to wait 2 hours to get my movie (due to the download). I’ve been renting more from Blockbuster lately (like 10 movies in the past few weeks). Everything else about Unbox I love though.

Mike suggested iTunes provide a subscription service. Pay $X.XX/month and get unlimited rentals (3 at a time). Honestly, on IM, I told him “ok…subscription for this would be horribly too great. {other conversation here} i highly doubt they’d ever do that but if they did i’d get an apple tv, mac, iphone, and ipod.”

These movies start in less than 30 seconds. You’re kidding me right? You mean I get a jones for Mrs. Doubtfire and can start watching in less than 30 seconds? AMAZINGLY nice. I wrote TiVo “hate mail” not too long ago about this exact thing (it is simply too easy to do for them to not do it; heck, run it through Flash…I’ll build the player…for a small fee. hehe). 🙂

So, seriously…them doing that would be crazy. I don’t mean stupid-crazy but more along the lines of…ummm…what’s the world…AMAZING. For Apple folks, or those willing to use something from Apple, they would NEVER need to visit any video store OR subscription service.

Bottom line…+1 for them doing it. I’d get some apple stuff just for this service, unless TiVo comes out with it soon. 😉