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Husband, Father, Tech Author, Deacon.
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A lot of folks have been asking for the specifics so I figured tonight is as good as any to explain my move back to “Katapult”:https://www.katapultmedia.com. Keep reading for the big picture.

**Leaving Limelight**
“Limelight Networks”:https://www.llnw.com has been my employer for 8 months. I’ve really enjoyed my time there and, I feel, I’ve done some good work. The people there are amazing too. I have worked at great places with some cool folks but LLNW has a gang of cool folks. The dev’ team is more than just a couple good developers too. Their developers could build anything, literally. So, if I think so high of it…why am I leaving?

Basically, it is almost all financial. LLNW paid me a good salary bu compared to me doing “Katapult”:https://www.katapultmedia.com I took, roughly, a 50% pay cut. Seeing as the 50% was still a good amount we maintained. Well…things have change pertaining to the “we” part. I’m currently a single dad, yes…what you assume is right. I won’t get into the big personal side of it all but it is true. So, with that change in my life my financial needs have changed as well.

Really, again, it is pure financial. Gas is super-high and I drive 30 miles daily taking Lil’ John to daycare and home. Daycare is high as well. Staying home means I can cut costs on driving and daycare. He’ll still go to daycare but I can alternate weeks to curb those costs. That’s almost better than benefits itself. 🙂

I highly suggest anyone interested, when/if they open the position, apply. They are doing some good things and the thing I’ll miss most is missing out on some of the projects I had going. Well…on to what I’m doing next.

**Back to Katapult**
A ton of folks remember my “first post on leaving full time contracting”:https://www.johncblandii.com/2007/09/im-on-the-market.html and “my first day at LLNW”:https://www.johncblandii.com/2007/10/im-off-the-market.html. The core of my first post (in October ’07) was my need to spend more time with the family and clients paying when they want/scope creeping/big projects we can’t talk about/etc. As noted above, my family issues are no longer a problem. I’m a much better Dad now than I ever have been. Also, my nightly requirements are no longer there since once “Lil’ John”:https://www.flickr.com/photos/johncblandii/2355351849/ goes to bed (around 7/8’sh) I’m just here doing nothing until about 11 or 12 anyway. I might as well do some work. 🙂 My days/nights are just much more open so for those times where I need to work late it won’t conflict with any other family requirements.

Contrary to what some believed, I never stopped doing Katapult (just quick stuff, mainly some updates for a “2Advanced”:https://www.2advanced.com project). I’ve also kept writing. I have a few good projects coming up that will be pretty exciting. We’re also launching a new “Lift Him High store”:https://www.lifthimhigh.com that is, visually, REALLLLLLLLLLY nice. 🙂 Once it launches I’ll blog more about it.

Anyways…back to “KM”:https://www.katapultmedia.com I go! I’m excited.

My last day at LLNW is May 22, 2008. If at some point I decide to do the 9 to 5 thing again…LLNW is where I’ll look first. 🙂