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Introduction to Mate (PowerPoint | Code | Recording)
Description: Mate is an amazing Flex framework. This presentation showcases the basics of Mate. There are MUCH deeper levels to go but the introductory talk is what was requested by the Great Lakes Developers user group.

That’s from my Preso’s page. Basically I was asked to discuss Mate and I gladly accepted.

The preso had a blip at the beginning and you can hear me pause every now and then because…well…here is what I said on Twitter:

I don’t care what anyone says…sitting in a quiet room and talking to your laptop is borderline insanity!

I stand by that tweet. 🙂 I found myself wondering if anyone could still hear me. lol.

Either way…the preso shows the basics. I did miss a few things (like dropping the swc into the project) but hopefully the details of how the events are handled as well as the injectors. Those are the two big pieces of Mate that stand by themselves, IMO.

If you’re new to Mate, give it a look and see if it helps. Hopefully it will.