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I’ll shelve off ranting about anything for now. There are a couple points I want to make then I’m out.

I’m pretty much known as a Flash developer. That’s a fair synopsis of the majority of my work. This means, I’m closely tied to the success of Flash, right? WRONG! That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m no Adobe fanboy, or any other tech for that matter. You can employ me to build sites/apps in a myriad of technologies and most I wouldn’t even argue against your tech choice. Back to topic though…

I was having a Twitter conversation (follow the tweets there) and I realized I fall into this boat often, defending a tech by “righting” some incorrect statements. Lately it has been me defending Flash. I continue to do this because informed consent (to not like a tech, choose another one, etc) is critical to me. People make decisions based on what they find online and I can’t stand false information. It leads to close-minded people, which I was formerly for this exact reason.

My point of this post is to 100% clarify one thing:

Just because you see me defending Flash, do not assume I am an Adobe fanboy.

I love their tech but you can easily find me defending Silverlight to Flash folks or ColdFusion to PHP folks or .NET to ColdFusion folks. Look at my blog banner…it shows the tech I’m behind.

Just like no man can serve two masters, no fanboy can fanboy to masters.

I’m in no way saying @ericcarroll called me a fanboy. This really has nothing to do with Eric’s tweets. I just realize you can find me on different sites/Twitter defending Flash and wanted to dispel the myth about my loyalties. 😉