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I say @TiPB but it seems to only be @reneritchie. Why is it Rene always has to take a knock at Flash or Google/Android at any chance he gets? To be a writer on a blog dedicated to Apple he absolutely loves to do his best to attack Adobe and Google.

Why am I blogging this? Simple. I posted the other day about @AndroidCentral and how they call it like they see it. Well, Jerry Hildebrand [@gbhil] wrote an excellent post today: Editorial: My dog’s better than your dog — but only to me.

Choice.  There’s something for everyone, and none of the choices are wrong.  In fact, maybe none of the Android choices are for you, and that’s OK.

I think this is the fundamental point @reneritchie does not get. If he does, I don’t see it.

Rene, if you read this, I just want you to know [or at least consider] these points:

  • It is ok for people not to want an iPhone or iPad.
  • Adobe can do and does good work.
  • It is ok for Flash to work well on desktop and mobile.
  • It is ok for Flash to still be used on the web.
  • Other tablets provide really good experiences.
  • Google isn’t evil because they serve ads. One of your sites uses them [Google Ads at that] and your job has them too.
I like what I like and can be very protective, at times, but I do my best to keep an open mind. In doing so I do my best to call a spade a spade. When something [or a part of something] bites I’m not afraid to say it does. When something excels I give it props.
Why do I keep reading @TiPB? Great question and I’m glad you asked. Aside from the seemingly weekly posts mentioning something negative about Google and/or Flash, they keep me informed about all things Apple. When they stick to their guns [Apple products], the blog is actually a good resource.
It simply could be better if Rene left the fighting to UCF peeps. 😉