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What is “this”? Here is what I said on March 4, 2011 in my Where Android blows itself away, for me post:

Why are manufacturers not releasing their updates within days or weeks of Google releasing their bits? Google: if you’re holding up manufacturers, you’re destroying your ecosystem. Manufacturers: if you’re just slow, dealing w/ politics, or _________ [fill in that blank], you’re destroying your customer base and Google’s ecosystem.

At Google IO 2011, Google said they were working on the logistics problem of getting manufacturers on the same page. The idea is to have all phones upgraded within an 18 month window [1.5 years] after release. This clearly is not the case as Samsung announced no ICS upgrade for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab because of TouchWiz [from The Verge]:

The company’s argument is that they lack sufficient RAM and ROM to run the new OS alongside TouchWiz and other “experience-enhancing” software. This will come as a massive blow to the great many users of the Galaxy S, who would have rightly expected the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and accompanying memory to be able to handle ICS — it’s the same hardware as you’ll find inside the Nexus S, and that phone is receiving Android 4.0 over the air right now.


[from Samsung Tomorrow’s post; in Korean, Chrome can translate, roughly, for you]

Samsung: So a device with the same internals as the latest Nexus cannot get an upgrade because of the internals…errr…wait. Hrmm. Oh yeah…TouchWiz is there so we can’t do it.
Users: Later!

I don’t see users waiting around for Samsung to get it right. The Galaxy S is still a quality device and the 7″ Tab just came out not too long ago. My 10″ Tab better(!!!) get ICS. Samsung…fix this!

In the same vein, Dell just updated the Streak to Gingerbread. Yep…the last 2.x upgrade, note Honeycomb is 3 and  Ice Cream Sandwich is 4.

As an avid Android user, don’t see myself leaving the ecosystem, this bothers me. I’m on an Evo 3D clamoring for an ICS upgrade at least until the Galaxy Nexus hits Sprint, which at that time I’m divorcing HTC. Will I see it? No clue. HTC says they are upgrading to ICS in “early 2012” but there is no inclination as to that being January or March.

[insert big sigh here]

Google, fix this!!