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UploadIt just works…

I know…pass the file already but there are still a couple bugs I need to figure out before doing so. I’d like this to be a Google-esk Beta (a 1.0 release labeled beta so when it messes up I can say…BETA!). ๐Ÿ™‚

Why the post? Well, I have the MAX videos converted and I wanted to publish them online. YouTube failed to upload a 33 MB video (well within their limitations) for me…I don’t know why but it did. I tried uploading through Movable Type and it failed. ๐Ÿ™

So, I figured…just use UploadIt and guess what? IT WORKED! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I could’ve used FTP…I know but I figured I’d use the new tool. There were a couple snags (shakes fist at PHP) with it but for the most part everything was perfectly fine.

More to come…

New App: UploadIt

My boys over at “Elevate”:https://www.elevatevc.com had me thinking for a bit about a solid way to upload large files for their clients. I know…FTP, right? Nope. You guys know clients! Some clients know how to FTP but not everyone.

I toyed around with the PHP settings in the CMS but I couldn’t open it up to the large file sizes their clients sometimes use. Also, with HTTP you always run the risk of the client hitting refresh or closing the browser.

The thought came up to use Flash. Well, for all of those nay-sayers who claim Flash breaks the browser paradigm…I agree here. The upload happening on top of HTTP in a small side widget may be confusing since they would still be able to do other things on the page (ie – which opens them up to (again…) refreshing or closing the browser.

So, while I was at MAX I thought of a clean way to do it.