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Helmet Handers: Week 1…1 and 0 baby!


I love to start a year off with a win. I’m not highly pleased with my teams performance but it wasn’t just terrible. My expectations were higher for Carson Palmer. I wanted to start Ben but chose not too. The way I saw it…Bengals played Baltimore so if Carson stunk it up the Ravens D would get the points: win win for me. Well…it wasn’t as great as I thought and Ben CLEANED UP yesterday.

Oh well, the week was a success. I’ll make my adjustments for next week and see if I can come out on top again. The results shown below:

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Helmet Handers…back in action!

I started playing fantasy football last year and LOVE IT! My team name is **Helmet Handers** and I play on “Fanball.com”:https://www.fanball.com in the Filipino Fantasy Football League. Last year we came in 4th place due to a bad last two weeks (certain cards didn’t fall where I expected). This year…I’m looking to bring it all home.

I was new last year and Carson Palmer, MIchael Vick, and Larry Johnson were big disappointments the first 4 to 5 weeks so it made it hard for me to win. This year I’m more experienced and have more at my disposal (last years knowledge and “ESPN Insider”:https://insider.espn.go.com/).

I created the new logo to poke fun at Josh Donald (the one who invited me to the league). HIs team name is Bad Boy Roc-A-Fella so I took his Bad Boy logo and put it on a helmet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just had to get’em.

Anyways…look for updates on my league standings, etc as the year goes on. (roster on read more)