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Mac OS X Leopard – 10/26/2007

“The biggest upgrade to Mac OS X is almost here. Over 300 new features will make everything you do more productive and more fun. Mac OS X Leopardβ€”it’s the world’s most advanced operating system. Advanced.”
– Newsletter from Apple

That’s right…it is almost here! You can “see more of Leopard here”:https://www.apple.com/macosx/.

Why am I posting? Well, I (internally) said I’d get a Mac when Leopard was released. πŸ™‚ It won’t be immediately after but I definitely didn’t want to get one until Leopard came out.

So…I guess I’ll have a Mac here soon (probably in November or December; no rush). πŸ™‚

PS – I don’t want to hear it Mike!

The date is 10/26/07…not 24. I’ve updated the title and file name.

Firefox 2: RSS Subscribe

They no longer require Live Bookmarks to be the one place to store subscriptions. Firefox allows you to set which program should run to subscribe to the feed. Now, it pops open IE7 and I have to click Subscribe there so it isn’t seamless but it makes a good argument for me to jump back to Firefox; merely to combat my “IE7 woes”:https://www.johncblandii.com/2007/10/ie7pro-are-you-killing-ie.html.

We’ll see.

PS. If you know how to use Firefox to subscribe to Vista feeds, seamlessly, I’d greatly appreciate some tips. πŸ™‚

IE7Pro, are you killing IE?

I wish “it (IE7Pro)”:https://www.ie7pro.com/ could answer because IE is starting to move up on my Most Annoying Software list. I’ve enjoyed IE7 as my main browser for some time now and it has been great. Obviously Javascript debugging is no fun in IE, unless you’re using ajax.net which has amazing debugging, but I can use ServiceCapture and/or Firefox to help there. Other than that, I was fine with IE7…well…until now.

I hope IE7Pro isn’t the culprit but I have to start somewhere. Basically, IE is shutting down unexpectedly so it is very unstable in my book. I’m writing this blog post in Firefox because I’m nervous IE might fail on me, like it has done before while blogging, and Movable Type may not have had a chance to autosave my latest (so I lose work). πŸ™

My question to anyone out there using IE7Pro: have you experienced instability in IE7 after installing IE7Pro?

I’m not a plugin kinda guy (in my browsers) so I have the bare minimum plus the IE Developer Toolbar and IE7Pro. The Dev’ Toolbar has been solid for almost 1.5 years so I doubt it has gone haywire.


Flex Builder 3 Pricing Changes

When I first heard of pending changes to FB3 I was pretty nervous. It wasn’t about affording the new version but Flex has been hit SOOOOO hard regarding pricing (even after it became free…people hated the FB2 pricing for some reason; well…reasons included comparison to other tools, etc) that I was concerned that Adobe would mess up and price it bad again. Well…NOPE! πŸ™‚

“Ted Patrick posted the Flex Builder 3 pricing changes”:https://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/10/flex-3-beta-2-lower-price-flex-builder.php and I’m QUITE pleased.

Basically, get it for $250 (Standard; no charting, profiling, automation, etc) or $699 (everything Standard doesn’t have). The SDK is still free but now you can get rocking for a whole $200 less than you could with FB2.

BEST PART? $99 upgrade from FB2!!! NICE!

Great work and bravo, Adobe!

Multidmedia Zinc vs Adobe AIR

Multidmedia wrote an article in April of this year titled “Zinc Vs Apollo: The Good, The Bad and The Desktop”:https://www.multidmedia.com/support/developers/articles/?action=show&id=33. It is written with a bit of a defensive tone, understandably. Their whole business is Zinc. I mean, they have other products but Zinc is definitely the big one and Adobe AIR is SERIOUSLY going to cut into profits for them. It is free compared to several hundred for Zinc. Anyways…I wanted to clarify a few things from their article.

They did write this in April of this year so the info was current as of them but it isn’t now. For instance, the table at the bottom compares Zinc and AIR. This is the biggest “gripe” I have with the article.

(see the article first then the rest of this post will make sense)


Aptana IDE+Adobe AIR is SWEET!

Ok, this is my first impression and, as with all things, I’m sure I’ll find something wrong with it but right now…NOPE…IT ROCKS!

You can build “HTML+Javascript AIR applications”:https://labs.adobe.com/technologies/air/develop_ajax.html! I love it, again…at first glance. The more I play with it I’ll expand my thoughts but at this point this is about all I can say. lol. πŸ™‚

Oh, it is also useful for normal Javascript, Apple iPhone development, and more. Last note…it is free! πŸ˜€