I’m working on a media player in Flex and I ran into an issue.

When you click the “Fullscreen” button I change the label to “Exit Fullscreen” and vice versa when you click it again. If you use ESC key to return from fullscreen the label stays the same.

No problem right? I’ll add

bq. stage.addEventListener(FullScreenEvent.FULL_SCREEN, handleFullScreen);

to my _init()_ function which is called from the _creationComplete_ and I’m done, right?

“_creationComplete”_:http://livedocs.adobe.com/labs/flex3/langref/mx/core/UIComponent.html#event:creationComplete – “Dispatched when the component has finished its construction, property processing, measuring, layout, and drawing.”

Basically, when _creationComplete_ is called the _stage_ object is _null_. Huh? Yep, that’s right…it is null.

I found a “blog post by Raghu”:http://raghuonflex.wordpress.com/2007/03/06/error-on-adding-fullscreenlistener-in-creationcomplete-handler/ where he talked about using the SystemManager. That seems really hack’sh (which he felt the same as well). He then pointed out a “blog post by Wietse Veenstra”:http://www.wietseveenstra.nl/blog/2007/02/12/understanding-the-flex-application-startup-event-order/ which shows the start-up order.

Bottom line, _applicationComplete_ is the event we should use for init’ing our application. _creationComplete_ should be used for init’ing children of the application, if needed.

Hopefully this will help someone as it has helped me. God bless the blogosphere! 😉