I’m thoroughly excited about seeing this in the docs. I’m converting the Limelight Media Player (built in AS2) to Flex 3 and my main connection class manages pausing, stopping, playing, etc. So, in AS2 you have NetStream.pause(value:Boolean). Passing false resumes and true pauses.

I noticed Flex Builder wouldn’t give me any code hints after typing “pause(” but would close the function for me. Hrmm…that’s odd. So, I let it go last week (had other things to focus on) and picked it up today only to find out there are 2 new methods introduced: resume() and togglePause(). SWEET! I had to build my own togglePause() function in my connection class which wasn’t hard but still…native is much greater.

The functions are self-explanatory but if you would like to read more you can see the full doc on LiveDocs.


Maybe you don’t share my excitement but that is fine. 🙂 I’m happy to see progress in the API.