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Spring+Flex+BlazeDS = NICCCCCCCCCE, seriously. First, “Spring”:https://www.springframework.org is a pretty nice approach to Java development. Couple Spring with “Velocity”:https://velocity.apache.org/ and you can do some pretty quick web work. Anyways…I’m talking Flex here…not Velocity. 🙂

So, I struggled BIG TIME getting this thing to work. Java has this insane idea that you need to configure everything (hehe)! Configuring Java/Spring/BlazeDS whooped my tail today. I finally got it and it seemed most of my problems were due to me missing a few jar’s in my /WEB-INF/lib folder.

Anyways…I got it working and I am officially Springing my Flex. 😉

Here are a few code snippets of why this is a nice approach.

In my DAO I have a method (let’s call it foo) that returns a List. To query the database I setup in my applicationContext.xml and return the List, I simple do the following:

bq. return getJdbcTemplate().queryForList(“select * from mytable”);

My DAO is extending JdbcDaoSupport so it takes care of a few things for me. That’s pretty easy huh? That is almost as easy as ColdFusion queries. It gets a bit more hairy when you have to build a query string but that is expected.

You will DEFINITELY hear more from me about Flex+Spring via BlazeDS. My next task (after finishing this app) is to build a messaging app to showcase how sweet it is to push content to my Flex app vs my Flex app asking for content.

Stay tuned…