I’m John C Bland II

Husband, Father, Tech Author, Deacon.
Founder of Katapult Media, and full-stack polyglot developer.
Political Free Agents Podcast Host.

I create. I launch.

YouTube Channel

I post regular fun on YouTube like me playing the bass and anything else I find fun. 

Get Something Built

All project work goes through Katapult Media. Business is open. Let’s chat.

I’m not even going to pretend like I know anything about this. I just so happen to be up late and saw “Ryan has a detailed post”:https://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/?p=1366 so I registered. Figured I’d share the wealth. The only thing I do know is the entire thing is built in Flex. {Homer’s voice} Hmmmm…sexxxy!

“Check it out here:”https://www.photoshop.com/express/.