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I saw this online and thought it was pretty clever as well as useful.

Monday I ordered pizza from “Domino’s Pizza”:https://www.dominos.com/ online. I finished my order and it went to the normal confirmation page. I was on another tab while it completed the order and I saw the tab title change to “Order Confirmation” so I ALMOST did a ctrl+tab (to go to the tab) then a ctrl+w (to close it). That was my initial desire but when I went to the tab I saw a lot of color which made me look twice and pause. What I saw was pretty interesting.


The image above shows the current status of my pizza order as well as a message letting me know who is working on my pizza. The FACT-O-MATIC widget slides in different facts here/there to keep me interested while my order is processed.

I thought this was very clever and have been waiting for a long time to see more restaurants integrate their in-store system with their web site.

Go ahead…order some pizza from Domino’s and take a looksy…I’m sure your inner-geek will like it too. 😉

PS – It’s built on the Flash Platform. 😉