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Let me start by saying the move to AIR 1.5 was NOT(!!!!) an easy task. For whatever reason my entire app acted different than it did in 1.0. I don’t know why but it did. Maybe it is more of a Flex 3.2 issue…not sure. Either way, I’m working through a ton of odd, post-upgrade bugs. One of them existed in an old version of the AIR Remote Updater classes. I almost scrapped it and wrote my own but figured I’d look into the source and see if it is an easy fix. Well, it was. It is a simple issue of a hard-coded namespace.


The com.codeazur.utils.AIRRemoteUpdater class is bound to the AIR 1.0 and 1.0m6 namespaces when parsing the version from the xml.


Use dynamic namespaces when parsing xml.

I would never suggest creating a namespace with an exact url. Instead, use xml.namespace() (returns String). In the event there are multiple namespaces you can use xml.namespaceDeclarations() (returns an Array).

The AIR Remote Updater classes are fixed already. I was just using an old version and figured I’d post my findings for anyone fooling with xml namespaces. Be sure to download the latest Updater if you have an older version as it won’t work with AIR 1.5+.