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The Smart Cover: Another Apple Non-Innovation

Yeah, weird title but you’ll see what I mean. It is really simple:

Apple did not create the Smart Cover concept. InCase did.

What? My thoughts exactly when I read about this a few months ago. It seems every blog [tech writer] has deemed it a true innovation by Apple but they merely copied and improved, as they are doing more and more now-a-days.

Granted, Apple integrated it better in the iPad 2 than the InCase Convertible Magazine Jacket for the iPad 1 but the news of the Smart Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab copying the Apple Smart Cover is ludicrous seeing how Apple copied the InCase Convertible Magazine Jacket. Samsung didn’t even create the cover for the Tab, Anymode did.

In the 90’s when the Dallas Cowboys were routing the Buffalo Bills, I was solo eating a plate of BBQ [namely sausage w/ pickles] and cheering for the Bills. Being from TX the obvious position would have been to cheer for Dallas but the “underdog” was Dallas and that’s who I wanted to see win. If I were a lawyer, I’d do all sorts of pro bono work the unfortunate. As a web dev I do a lot of stuff for free or, at a minimum, shave prices.

My point? I like the lil’ people to get their due and to see them win, at times. InCase is the underdog and they aren’t getting a lick of credit for it while Apple is sitting on high looking like the smartest company ever.

Kudos to Engadget for bringing light to this but it is very weird to see them follow-up with “The Anymode Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 may bear a suspicious resemblance to Apple’s iPad 2 Smart Cover…”. Maybe they don’t read each others’ posts. 🙂


Sincerest apologies to those who caught the first rev of this post via RSS, etc. I was testing out the WordPress formats for this theme and published this too early by clicking the wrong button. I won’t detail which changes were made since the original accidental publish but this is the final state of the post. Thx for your understanding.