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Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 Released

This is awesome news! FMS 4.5 brings a TON of features enabling CDNs and content producers to provide iOS support for live, including DVR, and a slough of other things. Just check the notes here:

Key New Features inside Flash Media Server 4.5

–        Same Source Video delivery to Apple Devices and Adobe Flash (single workflows to reach both platforms)

–        On Demand video packaging / segmenting for HTTP video delivery (no need to pre-package your content)

–        Set-level F4M Manifests and Variant M3u8 playlist support

–        Simple and robust content protection workflows for HTTP streaming (as easy as saying on or off)

–        Live PVR/DVR support for Apple Devices and Adobe Flash with Disk Management (don’t miss that special moment in live)

–        Support for Studio-approved DRM with Adobe Flash Access 3 (robust DRM that exceeds your requirements on Desktop and Android)

–        Multicast SSM and ASM, with Multicast re-broadcast

–        SIP Device support for communication

–        P2P support in Flash Media Interactive Server

Sweet stuff! Read more about it and to all of the CDNs…stop upgrading so slow. Get this puppy in production asap!

iPhone Packager apps are blocked…what next? #331rally?

Aight…Apple’s turned in 3.3.1 and I’ve accepted it. What next?

Adobe has publicly stated they are not removing the iPhone Packager from Flash CS5. This means people will still see the feature. It means they will use the feature. It means apps might still get pushed to the App Store.

The big question for those who are 3.3.1 aware: Should we still build iPhone apps with Flash CS5?

Let’s talk rally for a sec. Oh wait…maybe I should say: Good people of Flash Land…lend me your ears! ;-)

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